4 Common Mistakes with Back Exercises & How to Fix Them

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When it comes to back training you should know one thing, proper form is a MUST!

Too keep your back healthy and to get rid of the back fat you have to make sure that you always train with proper form.


If not, you will not work the intended muscles efficiently therefore you won’t build your back muscles.

In order to shed more light in this subject I’ve developed a list with the most common mistakes that many trainees do when they are executing back exercises.

Common Mistakes with Back Exercises & How to Fix Them

Rounding the back

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When it comes to back training, rounding of the spine is a mistake that you will see at many beginners from the gyms, mostly because they don’t know and understand the proper form of the exercise that they are doing.

Common exercises in which people round their back are: bent over rows, cable rows, wide arm rows, lat pull downs, deadlifts, back extensions and others.

In order to not round your back, keep your core contracted and the spine in a neutral position, also use a weight that will allow you to maintain this safe position while exercising.

Over extending the lower back

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Over extending the lower back is another big mistake which people do often in a back training. This mistake is commonly done because people believe that by keeping the back in an over-extended position will help them to protect their spine, belief that is false!

In order for the spine to be safe, keep your torso in a neutral position and don’t flex or extend the spine while executing the exercise.

Using too heavy weights

Using too heavy weights will trigger many problems in a back training, for example it can make you round your back, over extend your lower back, involve too much the secondary muscles and many others.

Don’t be an ego lifter, use weights that you can control safely and with proper form. If you will follow this recommendation you will be free of any types of back injuries and you will also develop your back muscles optimally.

Overusing secondary muscles

Overusing the secondary muscles is another big mistake done by people when they are training their back muscles.

There are two main reasons because of which this happens:

  • People use weights which they can’t move only with their back muscles, because of this they involve muscles like biceps or rear deltoids to help them move the weight.
  • People are bouncing in the movements, mainly because they don’t know the proper form of the exercise and also because they don’t know which back muscles that exercise targets.

Keep in mind that in order to have a healthy back, you should never move the spine from the neutral position, because by moving it you will put it in an exposed position.


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