Don’t waste your Sundays! Check out these Meal Prep tips!

One of the most common excuses for not eating healthy is its too expensive.

Those days are over!!! Safeway, Giant and even Aldi’s now have their own line of Organic foods. There are also online stores such as Thrive Market which offer wholesale prices on the most popular organic brands. Speaking of wholesale Costco & BJs both carry a pretty impressive amount of “health” foods in their stores now. I was surprised but I see my clients all shopping at Costco and saving a lot of money. (This is probably the best option for those of you with families since they sell in bulk)

Point is….Eating healthy is no longer expensive! In fact preparing your own meals at home SAVES you $$$.

NEXT, most common excuse is I’m too busy or too tired to cook my own meals.


If you plan ahead and prep as much of your meals on Sundays then you won’t struggle during the week. Its super easy to order carry out or pull up to the drive through when you tired from  a long day of work and simply don’t feel like going home and cooking.

BUT, what if the meals were already prepared all you had to do was heat them up?

Thats what Meal prep Sunday is about!

chopping vegetables

Here are few tips to a successful Meal Prep Sunday:

  1. Plan:

Create a meal plan to include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and 1-2 snacks. Doesn’t have to be 7 different meals in each category. You’ll be exhausted trying to cook all of that. Instead I choose 3 EASY recipes for each groups because you’ll have leftovers.(meals that take no more than 20-30minutes to prepare)

To save time and money I also choose recipes that both include foods that I already have and foods that share similar ingredients. So I might make a lasagna with ground turkey and a meatloaf with ground turkey on the same week so I can buy bulk. They also require me to dice onions so I save time not having to switch ingredients.

If I have a pantry full of beans than I’ll save money by making a bean dish since I already have the ingredients.

  1. Create Grocery list:

grocery list

Based on your recipes write up a list to take to the store with you or use it to order online. You save time by having groceries ordered. I usually order my groceries on Friday and have them delivered Sunday morning BUT you will have to pay a little more for the convenience. The choice is yours. I like it because it saves me time standing in line at the grocery store :-)

NOTE: Make sure you look at the serving sizes of your recipes so that you buy enough. If the serving size is for one but you have to make enough for your entire family than you may have to double or triple the ingredients.

  1. Prep


So the goal is to make as many of your meals as possible. Some meals that may not “heat” up well you can simple chop all the vegetables, prepare the seasoning combinations & rubs, so that when its time to prepare your meals all of the prep is done!


You can fully make all baked items and ALWAYS fully cook Mondays dinner so that you have no excuses at the beginning of the week.


You also want to pack your lunches so that its an easy grab first thing in the morning. If you make morning smoothies then you can make baggies with prechopped fruit, leafy greens and prtein powder. This way you’ll have a super easy breakfast just throw the ingredients in the blender with almond milk, coconut water or whatever you use. BOOM!
Getting into the habit of prepping your meals for the week is a guaranteed way to lose weight and boost you metabolism!. It’s my goal to help people, just like you, conquer their fear of exercise and clear up their confusion with healthy eating. I know you can do it just takes a little time and little motivation! I’ve seen hundreds of my clients before you do it, and I’ll see hundreds after you do it. Today it’s your turn.

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BONUS: This isn’t related to just meal prep. This is about starting your week off on the right foot! Choose 1 goal to focus on this week. JUST 1 small goal that will help you get closer to your weight loss goals. Whether its eat breakfast daily, swap 1 meal per day for a smoothie, exercise 10 minute when I first wake up, whatever your goal is focus on that ONE goal! This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed, this will help this one action become a healthy habit and soon you won’t even have to think about it you’ll just DO IT!!!


Ok get to planning people! Make your Sunday count!

- Killa Candise

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