4 Reasons Why Your Smoothie Might Be Hindering Weight Loss

Homemade smoothies are much healthier than the pre-made ones you buy in the store. Most of them are loaded with sugar, going against the reasons why you added smoothies for weight-loss to your healthy eating plan in the first place. But even the smoothies you make at home can sabotage your weight loss efforts if you are not careful. Here are 4 reasons why your smoothies may not be carrying their weight in your weight-loss efforts.


Skimping on the fiber


If you are not using enough fiber-rich ingredients in your smoothies, you run the risk of feeling hungry sooner than you would otherwise. Fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer because it slows down digestion.


Not only does this prevent a blood-sugar spike (and the resulting crash which heads you straight for something to eat), but the fiber is indigestible meaning it doesn’t add calories to your diet.  By including nuts, berries, seeds , fruit and dark green vegetables in your smoothies, you can be sure you are getting enough fiber. Even the type of dark green veggies can make a difference. For example, kale has twice the fiber as spinach.


Not using enough protein

 orgain protien

Having enough protein in your smoothies works toward weight loss in a couple different ways. The hormone leptin in protein keeps you feeling fuller longer by blocking the hunger signal to the brain. At the end of the day, blocking the hunger signal reduces the number of calories you would normally eat.


Also, the amino acid leucine found in protein helps prevent muscle loss thus forcing your body to burn fat instead of muscle. An easy way to add protein to your smoothies is using protein powder. Use a plant-based milk or peanut butter to up the amount of protein in your smoothies. As far as yogurt, use the plain Greek type. Not only does it contain more protein, but is does not have the added sugar that many other types of yogurt have in them.

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Using too much fruit


Fruit makes a smoothie taste good, adds fiber and nutrition, but some fruit is loaded with sugar. And yes, the argument some use is that it is the natural sugar fructose and they are correct … but it is still sugar and still has 9 calories per gram.


Reduce the sugar content by replacing some of the fruit used in your smoothies with lower calorie vegetables, such as kale or spinach. Add in some nuts and seeds for some healthy fat without boosting the sugar content.


Adding a sweetener


If you are using fruit in your smoothies, don’t use an added sweetener. Even the natural ones like honey or maple syrup will add 60 calories per tablespoon – calories (and sweetener) that you don’t need.


Now that you know four of the reasons why your smoothies might be hindering your weight loss efforts, you can make your smoothies more weight-loss friendly and still enjoy the goodness of them.



9 Benefits of Working Out With A Jump Rope


Working out at the gym is great for a lot of reasons. You have at your disposal all the exercise equipment you could ever desire, without having to purchase it yourself. You can access trained professionals that help your fitness efforts head in the right direction. You can also meet others like yourself, possibly making some new friends in the process.


But gyms can be crowded, and they aren’t always the healthiest place to work out. Monthly and yearly fees can get expensive. And of course, you have to travel to and from your gym or health club.


For all those reasons a simple jump rope provides a great exercise alternative. Check out the following 9 benefits of working out with a jump rope to understand just how effective this simple fitness tool is for getting you in shape.


  1. Jumping rope is a crazily effective fat burning exercise. You are strength training and enjoying cardiovascular stress at the same time. This recipe is great for crunching calories and feeding your fat burning furnace.


  1. Since jumping rope is a weight-bearing exercise, it improves bone density. This is important for men and women, but especially for women because they naturally run a higher risk of developing osteoporosis.


  1. Jumping rope is a very time efficient way to exercise. Just 10 minutes of skipping rope equals a brisk 45 minute run. (British Rope Skipping Association)


  1. Skipping rope does not put as much pressure on your joints as running.


  1. You work out your entire body. Very few exercises deliver as much “whole body” benefits as simply skipping rope. Your abdominals and core are strengthened. You obviously use your calves and thighs for jumping. Your arms and shoulders are engaged, and your chest and back get a workout as well.


  1. Few exercise routines are as cost effective as skipping rope. Once you buy your rope, there is no more cost involved.


  1. Skipping rope improves your flexibility and balance. This means your coordination benefits also. When you are flexible and well-balanced, you minimize your chances of suffering an injury while you are working out and simply moving through your normal daily routine.


  1. One hour of jumping rope burns between 1,000 and 1,250 calories.


  1. If you jump rope regularly, you improve muscle tone and definition in your arms chest and legs.


jump_rope_1Are you wondering just how long your jump rope should be? With the ends in your hands, step on the middle of your rope with one foot. If the handles just barely reach your armpits, you have the perfect length.


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