Crystal Tate lost over 10inches from her waist & hips and a whopping 23lbs in just 7 weeks!!!

“NEVER in a million years did it cross m mind that I would be where I am today… I am smaller and healthier than this collage and than I have been in my life! And thanks to my trainer and nutritionist Killa Candise! If you don’t know you better get HIP!!! She is the ticket along with your determination and made up mind!”- Crystal Tate







Ty Luckey LOST 7.7% BODY FAT, 4LBS, AND 3.25 INCHES OFF from her waist in just 28 Days!

AND She won a Trip for 2 to Las Vegas in our 28 Day Spring Break Challenge.









Danielle Walton Lost 30lbs in just 60 Days with our Live Webcam Boot Camp!










Denita Rodgers went from a size 18 to a size 8 in our Flat Belly Boot Camp!

“Thanks to Total Wellness my life has truly changed”- Denita Rodgers





BRANDI 2   Total Wellness has provided me with the tools and knowledge to become healthy again the right way through fitness and healthy eating. The personal attention and knowledge of the staff makes it fun and enjoyable. The first class I took with Candise I felt like I was going to pass out, but I did not let the pain or fear deter me from continuing. Once I made the decision to stop being lazy, focused on being healthy and received the much needed help and support from Total Wellness I began seeing results.” – Brandi Johnson





WITH OUR FITNESS BOOT CAMP!                       KEISHA2







Keisha Dropped from a size 16 to a size 8

“Candise is awesome! Her personality is wonderful and outgoing.  She allows the class to participant at their respective levels.  She truly takes her time to work with each person to ensure they are getting the most out of their workout.  Since being with Candise, I have been able to lose some of my love handles and inches from my thighs and stomach.  I started as a size 16 and I am now a size 8.” – Keisha Miller






“In the last 7months I have lost 40lbs and dropped 4 sizes.

This isn’t just a exercise class, it’s a lifestyle change. Candise analyzed what I was eating and helped me begin to eat better. She showed me that it’s not about dieting but about making healthy food choices. I look better, feel better, and overall more productive.”

. Candice Nero                 ELSIE B&A






“In a month I had lost 8 lbs and now I have lost 20lbs in total!

When you love to eat as I do, losing weight is a constant struggle.  I continue to have good days and bad days but I’m no longer afraid of the scale. I have the support of a great instructor who loves it when her students take her advise and see results because of it.”- Elsie Gomes Hudson

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