Top 5 Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

busy moms fitness


Discovering how to get fit and eat healthy as a busy mom can seem overwhelming.  You’ve already got so many things on your plate that you are trying to juggle.

Here is a list of my Top 5 useful tips that any mom can start using right away that make a big difference.

You’re busy, so let’s get right to the tips that’ll help you.

1. Play with your kids more


Chances are if you’ve got kids they are always being creative and playing.  They automatically do a whole bunch of activities that burn calories.  Why?  Because they are fun.

Try your hand at playing tag, riding bikes or wrestling with your kids.  You’ll burn tons of calories and won’t even realize it.

  1. Walk after dinner

One way to get active daily is to take a walk around your neighborhood after dinner.  After a long day, this would be a time to unwind and relax.  Spend time with the family.

Walking is another way to start exercising.  It is low impact and doesn’t cost money to start.  All you need are two feet and the motivation to put one foot in front of the other.

3. Plan meals ahead


When you leave your house take a small cooler filled with the right kind of snacks.  This will help you from making bad decisions while you are out running errands and will tide you over until you are able to get something more.

Also planning a weekly menu will help.  You’re less likely to stop for take out in the middle of the week if you’ve already done your planning and grocery shopping.

You can receive weekly meal plans with grocery list when you sign up for our 6 Week Busy Moms Challenge. You will also have the chance to Win an All Inclusive Trip 4 day/ 3 night vacation to the Wyndham Resorts in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Bahamas!

4. Plan work out dates with other moms

moms workout group

Listen to other moms.  They might be trying to get fit and healthy as well.  Schedule a work out date at the local park or school.  The kids can play on the jungle gym while you take fifteen minutes and walk, squat, lunge, use the bench to step up, dip, or perform push ups.

Not only will you be getting your exercise – it’ll also help you relax.  Being able to talk to another mom about life with kids helps you.  They can give you tips if you are struggling with potty training or getting your kid to do their homework.

As a mom you need friends that are moms and understand you.  Keep your ear to the ground about other women you think would enjoy working out a few times a week.  Getting a group of women together is really good because then if one or even two are not able to make it – you’ll still be able to go and walk with someone.

  1. Find a support group

You can get support from moms like yourself. You need a group that talks about healthy eating, getting fit, shares recipes and tips on how to get the rest of the family involved.  They can be a resource in your journey and help you through the tough times.

You’ll be glad you have someone to talk to when all you want to do is stop for fast food. Join our 6 Week Busy Moms Challenge and you will have access to our Private Facebook Support Group.

Visit www.MILF-Fitness.net to learn more about the challenge!

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